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Paul and Ricky waited a while, then they pushed their sleeping bags together, climbed out and started making out. Soon they switched to a hot, prolonged 69. After their orgasms, while they were just laying there out in the cool air, Paul told Ricky about bathing with his brother. "He likes it?" asked Ricky. "Yeah, I guess." "Maybe we should let him sleep out here with us." "No way, he'd be so obnoxious." "He's only a year younger than we were when we started."
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Sue ran her hand down the young girls soft skin, "oh, very nice, very nice have some fun!" Charlene's body suddenly tensed as she felt the leather clad mistress gliding her moist tongue over the soft pink flesh. The feelings were electric causing the teenager to jerk against her bonds. Slowly and softly Sue unfastened the pleated skirt and allowed it to drop to the floor leaving the young girl dressed only in black shoes, white sox, white bra and white panties. "You taste nice, too," smiled Sue, "but I think we need to add a little sweat." She reached into the pile of leather and metal implements and brought out a very shiny stock whip. The blood drained from Charlene's face, this could not be happening to her. Sue cracked the whip in the air. "I'm an expert with this, "she said, studying her tool. "Don't move and you won't get hurt." CRACK, the whip exploded somewhere near Charlene's right ear and she felt the bra loosen, the shoulder strap had been cut clean through. Another crack, this time by her left ear, Charlene was sweating with fear now. She knew how painful it was to be whipped by a wet towel in the change rooms, this was going to be unimaginable. CRACK again, she felt a feather light touch as her tattered bra fell away.

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RACHEL - 'Cool! What about you, Jo? What about your Friend Carla, (18)? Weren't you fucking her Brother a while ago?' JODI - 'Indeed I was, Mum, and a right filthy cunt he is too. He was the one who really got me into Watersports as it goes, amongst other things. And he's Bi.' KIRSTY - 'Really? Sounds as if he'll fit right in. So what about his Sister? I take it you fuck her as well?' JODI - 'Yea, of course I do. I've been fucking her ever since we met, over a year ago now. And she also knows I've fucked Max, (19) and is cool with it. And she also said she wouldn't mind fucking my Brother if she had the chance, just to even things up!' KIRSTY - 'Sounds fair to me. And why did your Mum say you were fucking him? If he's that good, why would you stop?' JODI - 'Ha, Ha! I didn't stop as such, Kirst, but after fucking on and off for a couple of months I was starting Uni and he was going travelling, and although he got back about a month ago I was still at Uni, and as I haven't seen Carla since I got back, cos I've been too busy fucking my Family, I haven't even thought about calling him. Not until now, anyway.' RACHEL - 'Well in that case, that's our way in. We'll invite them over next week, because we've got plenty to keep us going for now, after you've told Carla she can fuck Paul of course, and you've also dropped one or two hints about what we've been getting up to, and then we'll just let things develop from there. And what about their Mum? Didn't you tell me she's become a right Slut since her divorce, and has even fucked one or two of Carla's Lovers?'
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Jesus, he could read me like a book. And this was so kinky I was positively dripping, especially as he was rubbing my clit and sliding his thick thumb up my arse while I was noshing him off. 'Right!' 'And let's face it, that's not really right, is it?' 'No, probably not.' 'OK! And neither is thinking about fucking your Kids, is it?' 'Erm, no, not really.' 'I know it's not, but that's what you want to ask me isn't it, if I think about fucking Rob and Kirsty?' 'Well, yea, but how the fuck did you know I was gonna ask you that?'

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